Difficult routes from Villanúa


Ascent to the Collarada

We start from the Tourist Office, where we will see the signs to Collarada and La Trapa.  We climb steadily for several kilometres, leaving the village to the left. We cross a forest, the Letranz dolmen and continue the ascent to the La Trapa refuge, which you can also reach by car and start from there. 

We will reach the base of the Achar pass, the old Trapal refuge and the Campanales plain. 

We will continue the ascent through an uncomfortable rocky path until we reach the summit of Collarada, the highest peak in the Aragón Valley (2886 m). 

Lasting: 7h-7:30h.

Unevenness: 2000 mts.

Distance: 17 km.

Round-trip route

Source: http://jpirineos.blogspot.com/

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