Medium routes from Villanúa


Refuge of the Espata

We have two options to reach the Espata refuge, one is to ask for authorisation from Villanúa Tourism to reach it with our vehicle (and from there to reach the Collarada), and the other is to do this route the old-fashioned way, and enjoy the scenery. We will go up from Villanúa along the avenue that leads to the resort, but at the first bend we will enter the forest. The total difference in altitude is almost 1200 metres, so there are some parts that are a bit demanding. We will reach the Fuente del Paco in just over an hour, cross a ravine and begin a new ascent through a forest. At the end of the ascent we will reach the Refugio de la Espata, the end of our route, and the beginning of new adventures…

Duration: 3 - 3:30h.

Slope: 1200 mts.

Distance: 10 km.

Round trip route

Punta de la Selva

The route starts at the same point as the road to Cenarbe, after the Calle de la Iglesia, in the old village of Villanúa. We will have to start a slight ascent until we cross the railway track and reach the meadows of Diezcapanas, whose name means ten huts in Aragonese. We will cross the lush and beautiful forest of Villanúa until we reach the top of the Punta de la Selva where we can enjoy spectacular views and a magnificent landscape. 

Duration: 4h.

Slope: 700 mts.

Distance: 12,5 km.

Round trip route

Gabardito throught Barranco de los Meses

To do this route, cross the road and head towards Canfranc village. When you see a forest track that climbs up to the left, take it and follow it for a few kilometres. Little by little we will gain altitude, which will make the views more and more spectacular. We can see the Lecherines, La Moleta, Collarada and the whole Aragón Valley. At one point this track joins the ascent from Canfranc Pueblo, through the Barranco de los Meses ravine, and we continue through the forest until we reach the beautiful meadow. We can go down the path to Canfranc Pueblo, and from there return to Villanúa along the Camino de Santiago.

Duration: 4:30h.

Slope: 800 mts.

Distance: 13 km.

Round trip route

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