Where to eat in Villanúa?

In Villanúa you can find several restaurants where you can have a wonderful lunch or dinner. There are hamburgers, sandwiches, mixed dishes, pizzas, or more elaborate cuisine such as stews or grilled meats. Be sure to consult this section for more details about each one of them.

La Putxera

Signature cuisine, slow cooking and delicious desserts. Eating at La Putxera will be a real success. They have several themed menus such as the txacoli or winter menus, as well as an appetising menu of snacks and desserts. 

menu del dia en monte lierde

Monte Lierde

One of the must-visit restaurants if you are in Villanúa, whether you want to eat a delicious set menu or have one of their raciones or pizzas for dinner. Pets are also welcome. 

La estrella

A cosy restaurant that offers a menu both day and night, as well as mixed dishes, toasts and sandwiches. One of its specialities, the “olla jacetana”, you can’t leave the Aragon Valley without tasting it!


How about coming back from a route and staying in the sun on a terrace with a cold beer and the best fried food? Well, Bar José offers you that plan, in the old village square of Villanúa. And as you don’t want to go back home, you can order a full day menu with grills!

Asador Tritón

Taste the best meats and grilled meats at this steakhouse, traditional and modern recipes, and a cheesecake that will make you come back!


Pizzeria restaurant located at the entrance to Villanúa. You can order your pizzas to eat there, or on the cosy terrace, or to take away. It also has a set menu and dishes to share. 

El Pajar de Troncho

This is a traditional restaurant with a large terrace where you can enjoy a vermouth in the sunshine or have some raciones (tapas) and mixed dishes. Its hamburgers are one of its specialities, making it an excellent choice for a simple lunch or dinner. 

Choose Villanúa

In Villanúa you have everything you need. 15 km from Jaca and 20 km from France, enjoy all that the Aragon valley has to offer.

Discover the first capital of the Kingdom of Aragon, the most beautiful train station in Spain and cross the incredible Somport tunnel to reach the fantastic Aspe Valley in France. 

subida a collarada

As well as restaurants, in Villanúa you can find artisan shops, such as the bakery or the cheese shop, so don’t forget to visit them and take the best of the valley home with you! 

Villanúa Bakery

Having breakfast with freshly baked, artisan products is possible thanks to the Villanúa bakery. With 2 premises in high season, you can find loaves of bread of different sizes, but also a wide range of pastries, napolitanas and puff pastries that will make it impossible not to sin. In summer they also sell fruit and vegetables freshly picked from the garden. Who can do better?

panaderia artesana de villanua

O' Xortical Cheese Factory

O Xortical is a family cheese dairy where raw milk cheeses are made and sold.  They have been open for 15 years and make 4 different types of cheese. You can also find other artisan gourmet products from the Pyrenees in their shop.

La quesería, situada a 2 kilómetros al norte de Villanúa, es una preciosa granja donde puedes ver a los animales en libertad.

Bien merece la pena una visita para deleitaros con estos suculentos quesos. 

queseria oxortical villanua