Easy routes from Villanúa


Juncaral Promenade

A beautiful walk on the right bank of the Aragón River, which can be done on foot or by bicycle. 

It starts at the new bridge and passes by the entrance to the Entrepinos housing estate, where Casa Nora is located. It is a walk that does not involve any difficulty, so it is perfect for children. It is also perfect to do it in summer, as it is covered by trees for a large part of the route, so we will walk in the shade, which will be appreciated in times of high temperatures.  We can reach both the Camino de Santiago aragonés, which descends from the Somport, and the Ecoparque el Juncaral. 

Duration: 1h - 1:30h.

Slope: 20 mts.

Distance: 6 km.

Circular route

Way of Saint James of Aragon

Villanúa is located in the middle of the Camino de Santiago aragonés, in its first stage that goes from Puerto de Somport to Jaca. For this reason you can walk along its path either heading north (Canfranc Pueblo) or south (Castiello de Jaca). Both routes are easy and very similar in terms of characteristics, although it is true that towards Canfranc the slope will be ascending and towards Castiello descending. Towards Canfranc you will find the Cueva de las Güixas, millenary caves that keep a great history. Towards Castiello, you can’t miss the cobbled town centre and its church.

Duration: 1h - 1:30h.

Slope: 150-250 mts.

Distance: 4-5 km.

Round trip route

Old Cenarbe road

A simple circular route that starts behind the church, in the old village of Villanúa. You will see the signs to Cenarbe. The path starts with a slight slope but soon becomes flat. Along the way you can discover what remains of Cenarbe, the remains of the Romanesque church of San Pedro, which have survived since the houses were dynamited in the 1980s to avoid problems or claims from the former inhabitants. You will also pass the hermitage of San Juan de Izuel and the Villanúa viaduct.

It is a simple route but it is a bit long, so you will have to take into account the time you are going to do it depending on the weather. 

Duration: 4h.

Slope: 470 mts.

Distance: 13 km.

Circular route

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