rutas y senderismo

Routes and hiking

Enjoy the best routes for all levels. From walks to more complex ascents, without unevenness or with crampons, find everything you need in Villanúa.

queseria oxortical villanua


Another of the pleasures of a good holiday are the meal times. Villanúa offers a wide range of gastronomic options where you can choose from tapas, sandwiches, homemade menus or more elaborate food. In addition, its bakery and cheese shop, completely handmade, can be a way of taking a little piece of Villanúa home with you. 

ecoparque juncaral

Villanúa with children

We haven’t forgotten the little ones, because in Villanúa they can also have a great time. The ecopark with its zip lines, the cave of Las Güixas or the horseback rides in El Pesebre can be fantastic options so that your children don’t want to go back home.

Choose Villanúa

In Villanúa you have everything you need. 15 km from Jaca and 20 km from France, enjoy all that the Aragon valley has to offer. 

Discover the first capital of the Kingdom of Aragon, the most beautiful train station in Spain and cross the incredible Somport tunnel to reach the fantastic Aspe Valley in France.